Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Best Score This Season!

OMFG! Monday night on Dancing With the Stars was THE GREATEST NIGHT EVER! Derek and Nicole were PERFECT as usual! And to prove that, they got a PERFECT THIRTY!!! I was LITERALLY SCREAMING when I saw that! They're the second ones this season to get a perfect score! They deserved it! They were the best ones, as usual. I voted as many times as I could, without my cell phone because it was dead, and they got through!!! That was THE BEST NIGHT THIS SEASON! I can imagine how happy everyone on Twitter was! If I could've tweeted Derek and Nicole, I would've. I usually do tweet them after each performance. But THIS would've been the PERFECT NIGHT to do it! They'll hear from me next week though, so it's not such a bad thing. That was a night I'll NEVER FORGET! I hope we see at least one more thirty for them this season! Their total score was a fifty-nine because they got a twenty-nine for their first performance!!! WHAT A NIGHT!!!! I'll NEVER FORGET THIS ONE!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shocking Elimination

OMG! Last night was the most shocking elimination on Dancing With the Stars! So, the people that were safe were being read off one by one. DEREK WAS ONE OF THEM!! :-D Anyway, Niecy and Louis and Jake and Chelsie were in the bottom two. When I heard that Jake and Chelsie were in the bottom two, I was like, "WHAT?!" Then, the couple that was leaving was announced and...IT WAS JAKE AND CHELSIE! :-( When I heard that and saw the look on Jake's face, I could've cried! I NEVER thought they would've went home! I haven't stayed up to watch Jimmy Kimmel, but maybe I should've last night. I had two favorites on the show, but now it's down to only one! At least Derek and Nicole are still safe though! If they would've been the ones to go, I WOULD'VE CRIED! These next few weeks on the show are going to be hard because everyone's so good now! But, of course, we all know who the best one is! :-D NOW we all need to vote as much as we can! We saw what happened to one of our favorites last night, and we DON'T want it to happen to our MOST FAVORITE ONE! I wish I had my own computer sometimes! Then I'd be able to vote every Tuesday more than the number of text votes allowed each week. I can't wait to see the routines this coming week!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

DWTS Getting HILARIOUS On Twitter

OMG! Lately, Twitter has been CRACKING ME UP! So, we all know that Mark Ballas hurt his knee a few weeks ago on Dancing With the Stars. Well, about two days ago, I was on Twitter, and I noticed a page called @MBallasKnee! When I saw that I CRACKED UP! So, just today, I found one called @MBLeftShoulder! I guess that's from a couple years ago when, apparently, he hurt his shoulder. Twitter is becoming EXTREMELY FUNNY ANYMORE! There's also one for Evan Lysacek's toe! I'm thinking to myself, 'Are people crazy?' But then one of Derek Hough's fans created a page called @DerekHoughsHair. Now THAT one is PERFECT! His hair is the nicest of all the guys on the show! No matter how he wears it, it ALWAYS looks good! So actually, as silly as these pages may seem, they're also kinda cool! The season's only about half over with, so we'll see what else happens and what other pages for DWTS body parts get started. I'm LOVING DWTS and these pages! I can't wait for Monday's performances! Nicole will get better! I just KNOW IT! I'll be voting for Derek, Nicole, and Derek's hair each week, as many times as they allow each person to vote. Unfortunately, I haven't been voting for my other favorite couple, Jake and Chelsie. I'm gonna try to vote for each one. Monday will be great!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Last night was the most nerveracking elimination round of Dancing With the Stars EVER! Jake and Chelsie were in the bottom two, but they were safe! I had my fingers crossed once again that Derek and Nicole would be safe and...THEY WERE! I guess they would be though after such a great performance to one of the BEST songs they could've chosen! After last week's elimination, everyone had to be worried because, as Derek said, NO ONE IS SAFE! Even though people vote, it may not be enough to get their favorite couple through to the next round.

Of course, my Grandma had to start complaining about the show telling me she doesn't like it, once again!

So, in the end, the bottom two couples were Jake and Chelsie and Buzz and Ashly. Buzz and Ashly were the ones to go home! In a way they should've stayed, but it's okay because my two favorite couples are still in the competition! I was glad to see it turn out the way it did in the end. Next week everyone's gonna have to step it up a bit if they wanna stay for another week! The dances get harder and harder each week, so there's a LOT of work to do before Monday! But, dependong on which couples have which dances, it should be easy for some. I can't wait for next week!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

As Usual, the Best Dance Of the Night!

OMG! Last night was probably my favorite night on Dancing With the Stars! Derek and Nicole did the Jive, and they danced to "Anything Goes!" They were dressed in the sailor outfits and everytihng! When I heard the song, I went crazy because "Anything Goes" is the musical I was in two years ago when I was a junior in high school. So anyway, as soon as I saw the outifts and heard the beginning of the song, I got my phone out and started recording it. I hope there's sound to it because I didn't realize until I was already recording it that the volume was the whole way down on my phone. I'm gonna have to remember to check it later. Anyway, their score was great! I voted for them as many times as I could after the show. Of course, I used up more time on my phone than I planned to, but it's worth it! I hope tonight's results show is a good one! NICOLE AND DEREK WILL WIN! Team HoughZinger is the best one there, and they will be until the night the Mirror Ball Trophy winner is announced and the step forward to claim their prize! Haha...I know I'm probably being a little too sure of myself, but they're my favorite couple this season, and I wanna see Derek win! Most of the guys are really good, but Derek is REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY GOOD! He's the best of the pros, and I KNOW HE'LL WIN! Tonight's show might be nervewracking, but I have a feeling it'll be worth it in the end! GO TEAM HOUGHZINGER!

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Dances Get Tougher

Tonight on Dancing With the Stars, the couples are supposed to tell a story through their dances. When I heard Kariann tell them that last week I'm like, "How are they supposed to do that?" It doesn't seem like it's going to be too easy. Although, for some, it might be easier than it will be for others. It should be easiest for Nicole and Derek because they'll probably try to tell a story about their performing lives or something. At least that's the only thing I can come up with. I'm still going to try to vote for Derek and Nicole each week, but it won't be easy if I start running out of time on my phone because I won't be able to text, and I don't have texting on my other phone. But, no matter how many times I vote, with all his other fans voting, he'll make it through! I'm REALLY LOVING THIS SEASON! It's going to be a GREAT NIGHT!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Becoming More Popular Each Day

Happy Easter weekend everyone! Well, Derek Hough has captured many hearts of Dancing With the Stars viewers. Ever since last season, with the shocking elimination in week nine, he's gotten more followers on Twitter, there's more videos of him on the web, and he's talked about all over the country! Everyday he updates his Twitter page, and MANY people reply to his tweets! I, as one of his biggest fans, can't wait to see Derek perform each week on Dancing With the Stars! I vote for him as many times as I possibly can because, as he says himself, even with high scores, no one's safe! We all wanna see him in this year's finale and see him take home the Mirror Ball Trophy! Mondays and Tuesdays are my favorite days of the week when Dancing With the Stars returns! I get SO EXCITED when Derek is up to perform! I LITERALLY almost suffocate because I get so hot from the hotness and excitement onstage! I can't wait for this Monday, when Derek and Nicole take on the Jive! It's going to be SO FUN to watch! I've had a prediction fro the finals since the show started, because I have two favorite couples, Derek and Nicole, and Jake and Chelsie. I'm thinking we'll see both of them in the finals because each week, they get better and better! I never get so excited over any other show than Dancng With the Stars! I mean, sure I have other favorites like American Idol, but there's not as much hotness on there as there is on Dancing With the Stars! All I can say is, MONDAY, HERE I COME!